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Students are expected to conduct themselves with a sense of pride, self-discipline and a strong commitment to dance.  The following procedures allow us to give students our full attention during class time.  They apply to all dancers and we appreciate your cooperation.


All classes commence and end on time.  Students should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class commencement time and must enter the class room with their outer wear removed and dance shoes on.  Students’ punctuality ensures they are well warmed up, which is necessary to avoid injury whilst dancing.


Good grooming is part of the tradition of dance, and we expect students to be neat and tidy for all classes.  Dance students make their best progress when their teachers can see their form well and when students are not distracted or restricted by floppy, strappy or ill-fitting fashion clothing. Please refer to our uniform details on page 3&4


Students should:

•     have a positive attitude and tone at all times in the studio and foyer

•     be respectful and courteous toward teachers and fellow dancers. Bullying of any kind is not acceptable.

•     not consume chewing gum or food in class

•     bring with them a drink bottle containing water (not fruit juice or cordial)

•     turn off mobile phones before entering the classroom

•     not bring electronic games/toys into class


When a student enrols with the Tanya James School of Dance, the expectation is that the student undertakes classes for the full year and participates in the end of year concerts.  However, if a student cannot participate in the concerts, advice must be given to Chris or Tanya at time of enrolment or at least before Term 2 concludes.  Teaching staff will need to adapt their choreography in Term 3 to accommodate any student that will not perform in the concerts. 

Students should:

•     demonstrate an enthusiasm to learn – no matter how challenging

•     always work hard in class and try your best.  Be committed to giving 100% effort

•     Practice, Practice, Practice ! ! ! 

•     learn new steps with a fellow student if a class was missed

•     always, always, always have FUN and dance with a smile on your face ! ! !

Note:  The above guidelines are the criteria for achieving the end of year Dance Award trophy, presented to one Classical Ballet student and one Jazz & Tap student at our annual concert.

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